Jeff Kaiser

Will Fit Your Clubs

Cut Downs/Extensions- Golf’s a game of inches and not just when it comes to putting! Shaft length is crucial to having a good swing plane. Come and get measured up today to see if your clubs are fit for you!

Loft and Lie adjustments- Depending on how tall/short you are and how you set up to the ball you should have your lies adjusted for your swing! It is all about making the game easier isn’t it? And why not use state of the art digital equipment to improve your game?

Loose head? Sound like gravel is in your shaft? loose grip? Broken Ferrule? Bring in your club/s so we can get it fixed and you back on the course! We do live in Wisconsin after all… We only have so many months to play the game we love! Do not waste a day with a club that’s not in performance condition.